My lovely swannie

Swannie or Swanndri (to use its offical name) is a New Zealand icon. A bush shirt made from only the finest pure wool.

When I first decided that world touring would be an interesting idea, I also decided for all the modern light weight tech that is out there, I would be taking a swannie instead. So promptly purchased this beauty!

on-angle view side view front view

On an angle, from the side and up front. Classic blue and black tartan. A nice bit of Kiwiana!

sales tags sales tags rear

Who wouldn't buy a product which has a label with this guy on it.

xmas bbq bronte park 2006

Right: Swannie in action xmas 2007 in the Tasmanian highlands at Bronte Park. Sharing a few beers with my sis, who was on loan from england during the ashes white wash. The pocket BBQ is on the woodshed floor. In fact, luckily the place didn't burn down. There is a lot of dry wood dust in a woodshed floor, and leaving super hot coals in a tin-foil container sitting on them can quickly produce a smoldering burn mark in the dirt.

Temperature at mid-day 25th December 2006 (Bronte Park) was 11 degrees C. Swannie saved the day again.

'So where can I get one?' I here you say. Have a look here. Or pop in and see the friendly people at King Country Farmers (Piopio), which is where I go mine.