Newman (1994-2006) lives on in our hearts

Newman came into our lives when we visited the RSPA in Auckland. While the other kittens coward at the back of the pen, Newman came to the front and stared at us with the eyes Puss'n'Boot used in Shrek II. So we took him home.

It was not long before Newman (named after the Seinfield character) was being a handful.


Left: Soon after this pic was taken, Newman discovered girl cats and with in a week, his prowling ways had him hit by a car on the busy Ponsonby Rd, and requiring intense treatment. NZ$1500 later and with a newly inserted steel pin in his leg, a wired up jaw and a sentence of 6 weeks in a 800mm x 1200mm cage (Oh and getting the snip), Newman was on the mend.

Newman's days of chasing the girls were now over and and he mellowed out, and became one of the laziest cats around.


Right: Newman with a little bit of extra weight, but in his prime none the less.

Below: The garden Newman helped to dig.