Why should we try to keep up with the Jones!

No I say! No, there is no reason to try to keep up with the Jones and Smiths of the world. Let them have there plasma screens and surround sound, hybrid cars and every mod-con under the sun.

For me, just let me have the wind in my hair, a sunny day and two wheel which I power with my own steam. When riding a bike you can go where you want and have time to see the world as it passes by ...

That is why my wife and I are off, off out of modernism and back to a life less complicated. Our quest is to travel from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia to London, England, oh and do it by bicycle. So check out our blog to follow our progress.

And if you happen to see us on the way don't forget to say hi.

pictures will be coming soon once the trip starts (I mean the rain stops or at least lightens up.