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Just researching the EEE!

Point to this sub forum?

Postby intodis » 06 Sep 2008, 09:47

Seeing as I have finally touched down, and have no immediate need for my EEEPC to be setup a particular way and am going to mod it, I have decided to review a bunch of the contender linux distros, so these reviews will be appearing soon. Will be looking at ubuntu, eeexubuntu, eeebuntu, pupeee, zeneee, and others.

Looks like some are outdated ... e.g. eeexubuntu 7.10 not 8.04 ...

Will try to explain what is working and what is not, e.g. webcam, wifi ...

just looked at eeebuntu looks the business but guess what the shutdown problem is not fixed still have to press the power button and hold for five manually to get proper turn off.

Will be looking a 701 4G ..

But also going to mod to add 16GB of flash, GPS, FM transmitter, usb hubs ... so should be fun. Even thinking of getting another 701 even though 1000 series is out now. Why, the bezel has places to hide GPS etc.
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