Thunderbird: Migrating Evolution to ThunderBird

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Thunderbird: Migrating Evolution to ThunderBird

Postby intodis » 02 Feb 2008, 13:45

Migrating mail messages:

  • Create new account in Thundarbird.
  • Make sure to REMOVE the tick from "Use Global Inbox" and complete the account setup.
  • Go to Edit -> Account Settings and select the "Server Settings" option for the new account, make note of the "Local Directory" Setting, e.g. copy to clipboard
  • Close Thunderbird
  • Open two file managers (nautilus)
    1. To the Local Directory where new Thunderbird account uses e.g. paste from clicpboard to the location field.
    2. To the /home/yourhome/.evolution/mail/local.
  • Copy the drafts, inbox, outbox and sent folders from the evolution folder to the Thunderbird path. (Also can get other personal folder from the evolution ...sbd subfolder, only copy the files with no extension)
[*]Reopen Thunderbird and after a little 'housekeeping' your folders will be there.


Migrating contacts:

Locate the evolution version path then execute the following replacing the X with your version... May error but should produce a csv. Then import in Thunderbird ...
Code: Select all
/usr/lib/evolution/2.X/evolution-addressbook-export --format=csv > contacts.csv

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