Day 103 Oasis

Route details: Innisfail – Babinda 25/9
30Kms; 1hr 43m

Yesterdays ride was one of the hardest to do as motivation for riding has been lost and it was 50Km of misery, we are struggling to ride even 10Kms as neither Colette nor I have any place to be at any particular time.  I am looking forward to Scuba diving course in Cairns but will book it once we get there.

Even taking photos is a chore, but I thought this was worth taking at Innisfail.

We arrived in Babinda and found there was no room at the inn.  And with no interest in riding another 30Kms to the next town asked around for anywhere to camp.  Just to the south east they said, and we found this great little oasis. 

Up with the tent and hammack and then for a little relax.



GPS Route Map
Data from Garmin Edge 305 via SportsTracks with GoogleMaps

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