Day 99 Sir Richard Hadlee

Route details: Cardwell – Tully 21/9
42Kms; 2hr 26m

Kiwi cricket fans in the 80s would have stayed up to watch or had seen on a hot summers day Sir Richard Hadlee (just Richard Hadlee back then) batting to his favorite score 99 Out (I was only 10 so my memory may not be accurate) … it was amazing to see how one guy who was such a genius with the ball and arguably with the bat, could fall on the eve of so many superb knocks.

We’d made it to 99 days but we would be battling on in true Aussie fashion (having lived here for 4 years) and tomorrow would be getting our second ton of the trip …

Now to a more serious matter, the existance of God … my mum who is on a church news group and discusses with people the world wide, was chatting with a youngest from overseas who said “he’d be believe in God if someone could prove he exists”.  I think this view is pretty good proof of Gods existance …

But then later in one of the road warrior chapels at the rest areas we frequented for lunch, we found this undeniable proof of gods existance, from the prophet Travis … and I doubt many in this day and age would argue with his logic!

Before we knew it we were in Tully and started to notice the banana plantations where those really expensive Australian bananas are grown.

Now when we visited Noosa 2 months ago we were given a quest to undertake in Tully, Neville Dempsey a fellow computer nerd had googled himself and found that a Neville Dempsey had been buried in the Tully cemetery.  So as we really had nothing better to do we said we check it out. 

So on an extremely hot and sunny day we trekked to the Tully cemetery to preform our road block task (Amazing Race style).  Unfortunately after about an hour of trekking around seeing the history of Tully’s Italian community and how tomb stones can degreed to the point of not being recognisable there was no sign of any Neville Dempsey.

I thought I new what might have happened, and it is my belief after much investigation that Neville D. of Tully like all Tullians had a love of rain water measuring and so in honour of the might H2O he requested that his grave be marked with a unassuming water tap.

Here is Colette with the gaint gumboot of Tully the height of the boot (6+ meters) representing the highest recorded yearly rainfall in Tully.  Interestingly the wet season in this part of the world is from November to March so thats a lot of rain dumped in a short time and one of the other possibilities about Neville D. grave is that it was washed away.

GPS Route Map
Data from Garmin Edge 305 via SportsTracks with GoogleMaps

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