Day 94 the FLOGGING

Route details: Warriors Semi-Final
0Kms; 0hr 0m
The villain who will later get of Scott free from a copy book spear tackle, can’t wait to see all the spear tackle specialist in action in 2008, now they have there defense and precedent …

Colette all excited but getting hot in the afternoon sun.  We were both melting already.

Colette faces off with a cowboy fan.

Things are looking good as the Warriors effortlessly score the first try …

After that it was all over!  The Warriors who can normally put together 70 minutes of good football, today only lasted 20mins before rolling over.  Colette even asked just after the half time if we could leave, but I forced her to put up with the full ramifications of her addiction to being a Warriors fan, and she went away feeling sick.

In the end was it the heat that took down the Warriors?  We agreed no, it seemed that the Cowboys just wanted it more!

Add to that the crazy Cowboys fans, which happen to be the most friendly fans I’ve meet, just got louder and louder and the final ten second countdown, and celebration was a good example of their spirit. So in the end the sunset on the Warriors session as they stood behind the try line and the cowboys fans were ecstatic.

GPS Route Map
Data from Garmin Edge 305 via SportsTracks with GoogleMaps)

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