Day 96 the ‘Build Up’

Route details: Rollingstone – Ingham
58Kms; 4hr 00m

In the northern part of Australia they talk about the Build Up, which is the period leading into summer and the rising humidity.  Well we have certainly hit the build-up and today was the first day where at the start of a ride I felt good, thinking this will be nice and easy, then mid-way we found our water was super warm, and felt like the wind and heat was actually cooking us like in a fan oven.  By the end we were staring up the road hoping to see anything that sold cold drinks, I was hoping for a pub but we had to settle for a roadhouse and we got 2 cold drinks each.

This picture was taken at 10am which shows a range that wouldn’t have been more than 3kms away, but as you can see the hills are blue, which is the appearance you’d expect of a range 30 -40kms away.  I’m thinking that I this is a visible presence of humidity.  Later in the day I noticed the shimmer you’d see on roads on hot days, not just on the road, but in the tree 3 meter off the ground.  All I am trying to say is the day was hot.

Finally a Cactus patch worth taking a photo of, pity it is man made.

GPS Route Map
Data from Garmin Edge 305 via SportsTracks with GoogleMaps)

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