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In the beginning there was an idea

Sunday, April 8th, 2007

Welcome to what over the next year and a bit should be an adventure to rival any that has been undertaken before. The quest my wife and I have set ourselves is to take a bicycle tour from Sydney Australia to London England for shits and giggles. Some might say it is madness, I know I certainly think it is going to be. But none the less you only live once, and the other option is to believe what the media conglomerates tell you about the world while lying in fear on the couch watching TV.

This blog is going to cover many things:

  • Places, peoples and whatever we ride into along the way.
  • Home made bicycle trailer building from an amateur.
  • Solar power on the road.
  • Growing bad hair dos.
  • Learning some webbie/devie things.
  • And whatever else that comes to mind I guess.

So what is ‘The biggest fear amazing survivor’ all about? As we have for the last ‘to many’ years been addicted to reality TV, I think it is high time to break out of in the modern living mold and hit the road visiting amazing places with next to nothing but a raw set of survival skills, try weird and daring new things and all the while try to lose the laziness that has deposited itself around our mid-section and rear-ends from a mild case of glutinous and alcoholic behaviour.